Simple and transparent pricing


Talk to your customers
in real time.
up to 5 operators


Make even more sales. Increase operators efficiency.
per operator/month
$14 when paid monthly

Plans comparison

Operator seatsThe number of operators that can be online simultaneously.5as many as paid for
Unlimited registered operatorsYou can add an unlimited number of operators to your Chaport account.
Unlimited chats & history
Unlimited websites
Web, desktop & mobile apps
SSL encryption
GDPR complianceChaport has all the necessary features to let you stay GDPR compliant.Click to learn more
IntegrationsFacebook, Telegram, WordPress, etc. Integrate Chaport with 750+ apps using Zapier.
APIJavaScript and REST APIs allow you to integrate Chaport with your website and third-party apps more closely.
Chat widgetFreePro
Multilingual chat widgetThe Chaport chat widget automatically switches to a visitor's browser language.Click to learn more
Operator photos
Basic widget customizationChoose one of the available colors to match your website design.
Advanced widget customizationChange color, default texts, background, position, and message sound.
Chaport branding removalHide the "Powered by Chaport" link.with 5 paid seats
Lead generationFreePro
Automatic email address requestCollect visitors' emails automatically.Click to learn more
Auto-invitationsAutomatic pop-up messages that initiate more chats with website visitors and increase sales.Click to learn more
Group chatsInvite another operator to a chat or join someone else's chat to help your customers together.
Offline messagesReceive messages when all operators are offline. Send messages to the visitors who left your website.
File sending
Read receiptsMessage statuses indicate that the message is sent or read.
Message editing and deletion
Visitor infoFreePro
Brief visitor infoVisitor name, phone number, and email address.
Detailed visitor infoVisitor language, location, browser, chat start page, the website they came from, and more.
Visitor info editing
Visitor behaviourSee the pages your visitors are browsing on your website directly in the chat in real time.
Visitor notesLeave notes about visitors for future reference.
Operator productivityFreePro
Chat deletion and export
Typing insightsRead visitor messages even before they are sent, and answer faster.
Saved repliesSaved replies (also called canned responses) are template answers to standard visitors' questions.Click to learn more
Visitor ban
Working hoursIt allows your operators to be displayed Online and receive chats when they are available only on a mobile device.
Status auto-toggleAutomatically switch your status to Online at the beginning of the day and to Invisible at the end of the day.
Chat transcript to emailSend a chat transcript to your email address.
Operator assignmentsFreePro
Automatic operator assignmentsNew chats can be equally distributed among the operators who are online.
Chat transferTransfer a chat to your colleague.
Automatic transfer of unanswered chatsUnanswered chats can be automatically transferred to another operator or marked as "Unassigned" to attract all operators' attention.
Basic reportsTrack the number of served and missed chats.
Operators working time reportsSee how much time operators spend in the live chat and if they use a desktop or a mobile device.
Google Analytics reportsView chat events in Google Analytics.

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Do you offer a free trial?
After signing up, you will get a free 14-day trial period of our PRO-plan.
What happens after the free 14-day trial period?
Towards the end of the 14-day trial period, your account will be automatically downgraded to Free plan, which will be available to you forever. Paid features will be disabled.
What does the phrase «$X per operator/month» mean?
When you are upgrading to the paid plan, the price of our service is calculated based on the number of operators you specify. That's how many operators can work simultaneously. At the same time, you can have an unlimited number of registered operators.
What payment methods do you offer?
We accept PayPal, Apple Pay, Visa, and MasterCard.