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About us

We make communication with customers as easy and enjoyable as chatting with friends.







Chaport’s mission is to bring companies and customers closer to each other.

We’re changing how businesses communicate with customers

A few years back, customers had to wait several days for an email reply or hang on the line waiting for an operator when making a phone call. Today, customers expect they can message companies via live chat, messengers, or social media and receive an instant response.

Chaport provides businesses an easy way to connect new communication channels, get closer to customers, and stay competitive in the changing world.

Business software shouldn’t be complex

A while ago, we saw a problem: live chats for business were packed with features most companies would never use. Such complexity, along with poor design, was making it hard both for chat operators and admins to use the product.

So, we created Chaport — simple and user-friendly live chat that has everything you need for easy and effective customer communication.

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