You can divide your operators into teams/departments (e.g., Sales, Support, etc.) for more efficient chat assignments. Chats can be assigned to a specific team either manually or automatically.

How to add a team

To add a new team, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings → Teams.
  2. Click on the + sign in the upper left corner of the app or on + Add new team.
  3. Provide a team name.
  4. Select an icon for the team.
  5. Select the operators you want to add to the team.
    Click on “Done.”

Please note: One operator can be a member of no more than 3 teams. If you want to increase the number of teams per operator, please contact us.

How to assign a chat to a team

There are several ways to assign a chat to a specific team:

  1. Manual transfer: Any operator can manually transfer the chat to any team. See: Transfer your chat.
  2. Chatbot-to-team transfer: You can use a chatbot to route chats to specific departments. See: Add a chatbot.
  3. Chat routing via a pre-chat form: You can add the “Choose a department” field to your pre-chat form, allowing your visitors to select a team before starting a chat. See: Pre-chat from.
  4. Assignment rules: You can create rules to automatically assign chats based on page URL, message text, visitor info, and UTM parameters. See: Assignment rules.
  5. Chat assignments via API: You can use our JavaScript API to create custom assignment rules. See: Configure advanced assignment rules using JS API.

Please note: If the chat is assigned to the team, but all operators from the team are offline, the chat will remain assigned to that team. However, other operators who are online will see it in the “My chats” tab until someone from the operators takes the chat or until someone from the assigned team comes back online.