Add a chatbot

To add a custom chatbot, do the following:

  1. Go to Settings → Chatbots.
  2. Click on the + sign in the upper left corner of the app or on + Add chatbot at the bottom of the page.
  3. Provide a name for your chatbot. It will be visible only to you.
  4. Specify when the chatbot should interact with your website visitors — when your operators are online, offline, or both.
  5. In the “If” section, provide one or more conditions that should trigger the chatbot to send a message. These are the same parameters that are used to trigger auto-invitations. See: Add an auto-invitation.
  6. In the “Scenario” block located on the right side of the page, add a scenario for your chatbot.
  7. If necessary, turn on additional bot settings:
    • Once per user: The chatbot will be triggered only once for each user.
    • Disable input: During the execution of the chatbot scenario, a visitor will not be able to send a message and interrupt the scenario.
  1. Turn on the “Active” switch to activate your chatbot.
  2. Click on “Done” in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Hooray! 🎉 Your chatbot has been successfully created and can interact with your site visitors.

Please note: At the moment, either an auto-invitation or a bot message is sent to a visitor, and only once per visit.

How to add a chatbot scenario

  1. Enter the first bot message.
  2. Specify the reply options that will be suggested to your visitors.
  3. Click on a reply option and set the next bot action:
    • Add bot message
    • Request info
    • Transfer to operator
    • Close chat

    If you don’t want to finish the bot scenario at this stage, add new reply options.

  1. Repeat the previous step for all reply options you created.

Please note: If you haven’t specified the final action in your chatbot scenario (closing a chat or transferring it to an operator), the chat assignment will work as follows:

  • If a chat ends with a bot message, it will remain assigned to the bot until a visitor sends a message. You can find these chats in the “Bot → All” tab.
  • If a chat ends with a visitor clicking on a reply option, it will be transferred to an operator.

How to transfer a chat to a specific operator or team

There are two methods to transfer a chat:

  • Method #1: Click on a reply option, add the “Transfer to operator” action, and select the desired operator or team from the list.
  • Method #2: Click on a reply option, add the “Request info” action, and select the field labeled “Choose a department (Team)”. This enables your visitors to pick their preferred department, after which the chatbot will transfer the conversation to the corresponding team.

To learn more, read the article Teams.