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We are happy to announce that we have added an integration with one more popular messenger — Viber — to Chaport! Now you can reply to the messages coming from Viber directly from your Chaport inbox.

How to connect Viber to Chaport

Connecting Viber takes just a few minutes. Go to Settings → Integrations and click on the “Connect” button:

You can find the detailed instruction in our Knowledge Base:

Integration with Viber

How to determine that a message was sent from Viber

  •  You will see a small Viber icon next to the visitor avatar in the chat list.
  • The “Webite” field in the “Visitor Info” section will contain “Viber”.

What other channels can I connect?

How the connected channels will be displayed in the widget

On the desktop, the chat widget will remain unchanged. On mobile devices, when you click on the widget, a menu with a list of the connected channels will appear:

This integration and many other exciting features are a part of our Pro plan. Upgrade your account and increase your sales!

Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments. We’ll be happy to hear your feedback! 😃

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