Add an operator

To add an operator, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Chaport with administrator’s login and password.
  2. Go to the Operators tab.
  3. Click on the + icon above the list of operators.
  4. Fill in the fields with information about the operator:
    • Name: the name of an operator that visitors and other operators will see.
    • Position (optional): a text displayed to visitors next to an operator’s name.
    • Photo (optional): a photo of an operator displayed for visitors and other operators.
    • Email: An email address that an operator will use to log in to Chaport and receive notifications to.
    • Language: A language of the Chaport application interface displayed for this operator.
    • Role: “Administrator” or “Operator”. To learn more, read the Operator roles article.
    • Working hours (optional): enable this setting so that the operator continues to be displayed Online and receive chats even when he / she is available only on a mobile device. To learn more, read the Working hours article.
  1. Click on Add Operator.
  2. Done! An operator was added and an invitation was sent to his / her email.

Accepting the invitation

After adding an operator, an invitation email will be sent to their email address so that they can come up with a password. To accept the invitation, the operator should do the following:

  1. Open the invitation email and follow the Accept invitation link.
  2. Come up with a password and enter it.
  3. Click on Continue.
  4. Done!

If you added an operator but their account is deactivated, most likely you need more operator seats.

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