Email notifications

When an offline message is received, i.e. a message recipient is offline, Chaport sends him / her an email notification. There are two types of email notifications:

Email notifications sent to you

If a visitor sends a message when all operators are offline, Chaport will send you an email notification to the email address provided in Settings → General. You can disable sending of email notifications by keeping this field blank.

Email notifications sent to visitors

If you send a message to a visitor when they are offline, Chaport will send an email notification to a visitor’s email address (if it is provided).

An email notification will be sent to a visitor with a 60-second delay. It works this way, so that Chaport could combine several short messages into one email notification. Also, you can edit a message text or delete it completely (in this case, an email notification won’t be sent).

In the future, you and your customers will be able to answer to email notifications, and the answer will be displayed in Chaport. Currently, to respond to an offline message, you need to click on the “Go to a dialog page” button at the end of an email notification.