Install Chaport on multiple websites

You can install the Chaport chat widget on several websites at once. To do this, copy and paste the installation code to each website.

You will receive chats in the Chaport application the same way as if the widget is installed only on one website. A website from which a customer is texting will be displayed in a visitor’s information section, located to the right of an open chat.

To set the widget appearance settings for each website individually, please use our Javascript API. Here’s an example:

window.chaportConfig = {
  appId: '56e9162264e94eb633a095fb',
  appearance: {
    windowColor: "#a077bc",
    teamName: "My test team",
    onlineWelcome: "Hello, we are online!",
    offlineWelcome: "We are not online.",
    position: ["left", 20, 20],
    textStatuses: true

If you want auto-invitations or custom bots to be displayed only on a specific website, you need to add a condition: “The page URL contains”.