Publish your FAQ portal

An FAQ portal is a public knowledge base that contains all your FAQ articles (excluding private articles that are only accessible to operators).

To allow your visitors to access your FAQ portal, you need to publish it. To do so, go to Settings → FAQ and turn on the “Published” setting.

If you want to make your FAQ visible to search engines, you can turn on the “Visible to search engines” setting.

By default, your FAQ portal will be hosted on our subdomain, i.e., You can change the part of the URL after with any other value if it’s not already taken by another user. To find the default URL for your FAQ, go to Settings → FAQ. You can share this link with your customers or add it to your website.

In the header of your FAQ portal, you can place the “Go to website” link leading to your website. To add the link, enter your website URL in the “Link to your website” field.

Setting up a custom domain

If you want to use a different URL for your FAQ portal, you can set up a custom domain. To configure the custom domain, do the following:

  1. Go to Settings → FAQ.
  2. Specify the custom domain you want to use for your FAQ portal.
  3. Log in to your domain host and add this DNS record for your domain: CNAME
  4. Done!