FAQ bot

An FAQ bot is a bot that can suggest relevant articles from your FAQ portal based on the keywords in visitors’ questions. Visitors can view the FAQ articles directly in the widget and return to a chat at any time.

The FAQ bot is triggered once per session after a visitor’s first message. The bot will respond to a visitor with a 5-second delay. If the visitor starts typing another message, the delay will last another 15 seconds. It works this way so that the FAQ bot can recognize the keywords from several messages sent in a row.

To determine which articles to suggest, the FAQ bot analyzes a visitor’s message and checks if it matches the text of FAQ articles or keywords specified in the FAQ articles’ settings. To open the settings, go to the FAQ tab, choose the article, and click on the ellipsis icon in the upper right corner of the app. Keywords can consist of one or several words and should be separated by commas.

To activate the FAQ bot, go to Settings → FAQ → FAQ bot.