Hide the chat widget when all operators are offline

To hide the chat widget when all operators are Offline, make the following changes to the installation code:

Step #1

Add session: { autoStart: false } to the block window.chaportConfig after appId so that the block looks like this:

window.chaportConfig = {
  appId: '56e9162264e94eb633a095fb',
  session: {
    autoStart: false

Step #2

Add these lines after 

<!-- End of Chaport Live Chat code -->

window.chaport.q('isOnline', function (isOnline) {
  if (isOnline) window.chaport.startSession();
window.chaport.on('chat.onlineChange', function (isOnline) {
  if (isOnline) window.chaport.startSession();
  else window.chaport.stopSession();

Please note: This code is a part of JavaScript API that is only available on the PRO plan.